Direct Dirt is dedicated to bringing useful, easy to understand information directly to the people who get things done. These people classify themselves in various categories such as Makers, Hackers, Do It Yourselfers (DIY), and Home Brewers. One particular category embracing all these genres (and more) is Amateur Radio, also known as Ham Radio. Interestingly, everything from new products to satellites, computers, IT, navigation, smart homes, cars, and much more are influenced in some way by Amateur Radio.  For this reason, you will see a great deal of content about or derived from this topic.


Direct Dirt is made of a small group of field experts and writers. We are often sought out for advice and use Direct Dirt to bring that information straight to the people seeking it. In Amateur Radio circles we are considered “Elmers.” An Elmer is a savvy teacher with education or, more often than not, an abundance of experience who is ready an eager to help you learn to accomplish your goals.


The name “Direct Dirt” comes from the desire to bring information, the scoop, the advice, data, or tips, straight to the reader in a matter of fact manner. We want to “give you the dirt” as plainly and clearly as possible.


The reason we bring you this site is because, for motivated people, knowledge is continuously consumed. In Amateur Radio alone, every year there are thousands of new hams joining the ranks as electronics hobbyists, home brewers, and communicators. After some time being an Elmer, one finds that the same questions arise time and time again.  Every new batch of eager hobbyists renews the quest for knowledge. The Elmers we know do a great job getting these recent Makers started on their journey to self fulfillment. But for each budding DIYer out there that we are able to help, we suspect there are thousands left to frustration. Fret not, my friend! Direct Dirt is here to help you!