How to Replace a Norelco 7115X Battery

The Norelco 7115X Battery Replacement

The Philips Norelco 7115X shaver does not have to be thrown away just because the battery is worn out. My husband loves his 7115X and they are quite easy to repair by home do it yourself enthusiasts who know how to solder. The battery in my husband’s 7115X became worn out from use and needed a charge daily. So we got the replacement part for about $5 and fixed it in about a half an hour. Follow the pictures below and I will show you how I replaced the battery in his.


Open the Norlelco Shaver HeadOpen the shaver head by pressing the button like you do to empty the shaver.
Remove Norelco Shaver HeadGently rock the head side to side. After some wiggling, the head will pop off of the shaver. I was careful so I would not bend the small metal pieces in the hinge.
Norelco Head ScrewsThere are two combination head screws that hold the head assembly together. I used a flat screw driver to remove these two screws. Once removed, the plastic triangular top piece slides off very easily.
Norelco Beard TrimmerOpen the beard trimmer attachment. With the plastic triangle piece removed, the trimmer flips open much farther than it does normally.
Norelco Beard Trimmer RemovedWith the beard trimmer this far open, the springs that flip it open are not really under any tension. I slipped the beard trimmer off by sliding it up toward where the head area.
Norelco Shaver Body ScrewsWith the beard trimmer removed, I took out the body screws on the rear of the shaver. They are the same kind as the ones used to hold the plastic triangle in the head area.
Norelco Shaver Back RemovedI gently rocked the back up and off of the shaver.
Norelco Shaver Sides RemovedThe sides are easy to remove. They just slide out.
Norelco Shaver Front RemovedGetting the front piece off was difficult. It snaps on at the factory. I used two small screwdrivers to pry the black plastic away from the gray plastic until two teeth popped loose. Once one side was loose the black just part came off pretty easily. I was afraid I would break the front part, so be careful if you try this.
Norelco Shaver Inside ScrewsThere are three screws on the inside of the Norelco 7115X shaver’s core. They are the same as the previous four screws. I removed those to gain access to the printed circuit board (PCB) and battery internal area.
Norelco Shaver Battery CompartmentI carefully opened the battery compartment, rotating toward the charger end. The charger wires keep the back from just coming completely off of the assembly. I just opened it enough for good access.
Norelco Shaver PCBWires from the electric motor are soldered to the PCB. I was careful not to bend anything too far, but opened the assembly up enough to work on it.

Replace the Battery

Energizer NiMH BatteriesThe old worn out battery was an Energizer NiMH rechargeable battery. My husband ordered a replacement one, part number N703T from Digikey. There are many other sources. You can just ask Google for a
norelco 7115x replacement battery.
Energizer NiMH With TabsUnlike regular AA batteries, these have tabs. The tabs can be used for soldering in different ways. In this case, the tabs solder directly into slots in the PCB.
Norelco PCB Slots Battery RemovedI removed the battery from the PCB by heating its solder and sliding the battery tabs out one at a time. I then used a solder sucker to remove the excess solder. The battery tab slots are seen at each end of the PCB. I noted the battery polarity (the plus and minus ends) before I removed the battery completely.
Energizer NiMH Battery Tabs ClippedThe new 2300 mAh Energizer’s tabs were a little wider than the old one. I used a pair of diagonal cutters and clipped the tabs to cut them a little bit narrower so they would fit in the Norelco’s PCB slots.
Energizer NiMH Battery SolderedI soldered the new battery into place, making sure I had the battery polarity (the plus and minus ends) like they were before.

Reassemble the Norelco 7115X

Reassembly of the 7115X is easier than disassembly. First, I gave all the small parts a good scrubbing to get them nice and clean. Reassembly was simply the opposite of disassembly, so there is not a great deal to show. The black front part simply snaps on, so that is easy. The white sides are one of the most challenging parts, but once you get everything correct, they just fall into place. I put one screw in the wrong location and the back would not go on at first. I moved the screw from one hole to the other and then the body went together easily. The beard trimmer just slides together. As the last step, the metal tab of the head must be engaged into the little slot and then snapped shut.

My husband gave the new battery a nice long charge before using it. Although there is a charge on the batteries when they are received from the supplier, they still need a good charge to condition them. Now the shaver goes almost two weeks between charges instead of needing to be charged every day.